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What is the Best Defense for a DUI Charge?

Different Denver DUI defense lawyers may answer this question differently. Unfortunately, there are a great number of defense lawyers who claim to specialize in DUI defense, but many of these attorneys just try the same tired old DUI defense tricks that inexperienced defense lawyers try. If a DUI lawyer's tool bag does not expand and evolve as they gain experience, then they are just going through motions, and their time on the job means nothing.

Prosecutors learn with experience too. Sometimes a poorly skilled DUI lawyer may trick a prosecutor or achieve a dismissal through a deceptive pre-trial strategy. This may work once, but no only will prosecutors not fall for these tactics again, a DUI lawyer will lose the respect of the prosecutors and judges if they get a reputation for less than honorable tactics. This will compromise the attorney's effective representation of every client they represent in the future.

A best DUI lawyer wins cases and gets dismissals by being respected. Respect not only comes from how many years of experience and reputation for winning trials, but also having credentials that shut down shady DUI prosecution tactics. Effective DUI defense requires a DUI lawyer who knows police DUI investigation procedures and police trial tactics.

Police DUI Investigation Procedures

Colorado Traffic Law

The best DUI lawyers must be experts in the Colorado Traffic Code. Most DUI arrests begin with an officer alleging that a driver has broken some Colorado law regarding the way they were driving. Some cases are clear cut and a basic understanding of the law will get a Denver DUI lawyer by. Now that many police agencies have switched from dash-cams to body-cams, DUI defense lawyers have less objective evidence to question traffic the legality of stops. This is an example of a area of DUI defense that has required the best DUI attorneys to have to evolve their tactics in order to be effective in defending clients.

Roadside Sobriety Exercises

Colorado DUI attorneys must obtain and maintain expertise in police roadside exercises. It is not enough for a DUI defense lawyer to simply get a copy of the NHTSA manual from which officers are trained. Top DUI defenders study scientific research on sobriety exercises and human performance toxicology. Police DUI rhetoric involves poorly conducted research and misrepresentation of the data from those studies. Officers themselves commonly testify in court dishonestly about the junk science research,

further compounding the lies that are presented to judges and juries to try to insure DUI cases are won by the prosecutors.

Breath and Blood Tests

Forensic examination results from mechanical testing devices are powerful evidence for Colorado DUI prosecutors. Few Colorado DUI lawyers have the scientific background in forensic science to effectively question chemical testing evidence. Colorado DUI law supports successful prosecution of cases involving blood alcohol levels as low as .05 g/100ml of blood or .05 g/210L of breath. In selecting the best DUI lawyer for your case, look closely at the lawyer's credentials in forensic blood testing science and forensic breath testing science.

So what is the best DUI defense?

As outlined above, the best DUI lawyer must have a wide range of expertise. They must have a mastery of Colorado DUI law as well as the Colorado Traffic Code. These DUI specialists must further know police DUI investigative procedures down to the minute details- particularly the scientific research on human balance assessment and sobriety exercises. Finally, in order for a DUI defense lawyer to be consistently effective, he/she must have extensive education in forensic science and laboratory procedures.

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