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Colorado 2023 DUI Statistics

Each year the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) publishes arrest data about different categories of charges. One of those categories is DUI arrests. The following is a summary of the Colorado DUI arrest statistics from 2023.

Numbers of DUI charges and Yearly Trends

In 2023 there were 16,427 arrests for DUI across the state of Colorado. This number has been fairly consistent for the past four years.

2020 16,465 DUI arrests

2021 17,314 DUI arrests

2022 16,364 DUI arrests

2023 16,427 DUI arrests

The average yearly number of DUI arrests across the four year period is 16,643.

DUI Arrests by Age

The age group representing the highest percentage of DUI arrests is the 25-34 age group. The 18-24 age group and the 35-44 age group were

close in numbers, but are far behind the 25-34 group.

Male vs Female DUI Suspects

Of the 16,427 DUI charges in 2023, 12,362 of them were males (75%). Female DUI suspects make up only 20-30% of DUI arrests in every age group.

Fatality DUI Crashes

The CBI reports that there were 218 fatalities in 2023 resulting from DUI drivers. This was 30% of the total number of traffic fatalities in 2023. CBI also reports that these numbers are down almost 24% from the 2022 DUI fatality numbers.

The best DUI lawyers in Denver must not only maintain on point legal knowledge and cutting edge trial skills, but the best lawyers also must remain informed about Criminal Justice statistics. Judges and sometimes even jurors can be influenced by statistical trends and news stories containing macro data about DUI cases.

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