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Colorado DOT Announces Enhanced DUI Enforcement for Spring 2024

in April 2024, there will be increased police DUI patrols in many parts of Colorado. Increased Denver DUI enforcement will be a part of this spring initiative to arrest more DUI drivers.

These increased DUI patrols are a regular part of Spring DUI enforcement in Colorado. When the Summer begins and more people are on vacation in Colorado, kids are out of school, and parties are more common. Often, house parties where people are swimming and grilling involve drinking as well. Colorado DUI officers are going to be watching drivers very closely this Spring and Summer.

Memorial Day at the end of May is also another day coming up when many people drink more than maybe they usually do. Police DUI patrols will no doubt be at an all time high during that holiday weekend coming up.

Jim Medley Defense Lawyer urges everyone to plan ahead during this beautiful Spring and Summer 2024. If you are going to drink or use cannabis products, please plan for another driver who is completely sober to make sure everyone goes straight home- with no detours to the local county jail for a DUI summons .

Remain mindful that Colorado has some of the most strict DUI laws in the country. Even a blood alcohol level of .05 is a criminal conviction on your record. A smaller person can be over .05 with as few as TWO drinks.

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